A Partial Denture Can Help Replace Multiple Teeth Lost to Severe Gum Disease

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Poor oral hygiene habits can promote gum disease to afflict your periodontal health. When this happens. Without treatment, the inflammation in the gum tissues will gradually progress. In time, this could compromise the roots of multiple teeth.

In a situation like this, Dr. Donald Bohne might recommend fitting you for a partial denture at his dental office in Tucker, Georgia. This is an abbreviated form of dentures what will be designed to fit in the void.

Dr. Donald Bohne will examine the area to make sure the neighboring teeth are healthy and strong. If any other teeth have been compromised, by cavities or gum disease Dr. Donald Bohne might recommend having them extracted and included in the partial denture.

Dr. Donald Bohne will then create a detailed impression of the area and the corresponding teeth in your bite pattern. This will be sent to a professional dental lab where highly trained dental technicians will create the partial denture.

The partial denture will lock firmly into place on its own. However, you might want to use a little extra denture adhesive. Not only will it provide an extra secure hold, but it also helps to block out stray food particles.

If you live in the Tucker, Georgia, area and you’re struggling with advanced gum disease complications, you should call 770-939-6600 to explore your treatment and restoration option at Donald H Bohne DDS PA.