Dental Health Instructions for Diabetics

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Diabetes increases your risk for dental issues, especially mouth infections such as dry mouth, oral thrush and gum disease. Providentially, all these issues are avertable. Just follow these instructions:

– First, watch your blood sugar as instructed by your physician. This may include taking medication or insulin shots and watching what you eat. When you manage your blood glucose, you are less likely to have irritated gums or the sugar filled saliva which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay

– Second, brush morning and night and floss every night. Since you are so susceptible to infection, it’s all the more important to maintain your oral hygiene and clear your mouth of plaque causing substances.

– Schedule a cleaning and exam with Dr. Donald Bohne at least once every six months. Please tell us if you have diabetes so we can adjust your treatments accordingly.

– If your gums are sore, call Donald H Bohne DDS PA. This may be a sign that your blood glucose is causing blood to rush to your gum tissue or that you have developed an infection. Dr. Donald Bohne can recommend the right course of treatment.

– If you smoke, start the process of quitting as soon as possible. Smoking will amplify your risk of infection even further.

It’s important to inspect your mouth regularly for any signs of dental issues. If you are concerned about your oral health or are simply ready for a dental checkup, you can phone us in Tucker, Georgia at 770-939-6600 to book an appointment. We look forward to your call!