How You Can Keep Your Smile Safe From Gum Disease

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You may know that gum disease is a harmful gum infection that can cause lost gum tissue, teeth and bone, but did you know that most adults across the nation have some form of the disease? Many patients don’t seek treatment for gum disease in its early stages, despite the fact that this is very important. You can protect your smile from gum disease by seeking treatment at the first signs and learning how to prevent gum disease.

Beware of inconsistent oral hygiene habits that allow bacteria-rich plaque to build up in your mouth and cause bleeding and inflammation in the gum tissue. During this stage, there is not usually any pain, though there is still destruction occurring that can lead to other oral health conditions that negatively affect your smile. If a receding gum line allows the infection to access your jawbone, it could greatly risk the stability of your smile and your oral health.

Even if you aren’t experiencing any signs of gum disease at the moment, you should still take action to protect your smile with proper oral hygiene habits such as daily brushing and flossing to prevent the need for invasive treatment later on. Cleaning your smile every day removes plaque from your oral cavity and lowers the amount of bacteria that can weaken your smile.

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