Oral Health Services: Fluoride

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The age-old inquiry is often asked as to the matter of if fluoride actually works. The answer is yes, it does undeniably protect your tooth enamel from tooth decay and cavities. Your tooth enamel is a thin, yet sturdy layer on our teeth meant to shield and defend our inner teeth against harm. Despite this, bacteria and harmful acids caused by plaque buildup can wear down and destroy tooth enamel over time. Thus, an added layer of defense in the form of fluoride is often beneficial.

Your oral health services guide for fluoride features the following attributes:

– Fluoride can be taken in supplemental forms, such as tablets, pills, drops, and lozenges.

– Fluoride can improve the excellence of your oral health by helping to prevent tooth decay and cavities.

– When selecting which fluoride product to use, look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance given out by the American Dental Association for products that meet rigorous safety and effectiveness guidelines.

– Professional fluoride treatments can be given directly at our dentist office.

– Fluoride is often placed in dental cleaning products such as toothpaste and mouthwash, and it has also been placed in the public water supply.

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