Prescription Fluoride Supplements Can Help Reduce Tooth Sensitivity Symptoms and Resist Cavities

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Your tooth enamel is a very hard substance made up of a dense matrix of microscopic mineral structures. The density of your tooth enamel plays a significant role in the health of your teeth. If demineralization occurs, as a result of poor oral hygiene practices, it can cause tooth sensitivity and leave you at increased risk of cavities.

If you are experience tooth sensitivity symptoms, you should seek professional diagnosis with Dr. Donald Bohne. In many cases, the increased sensation in your teeth can be linked or related to a problem with the strength of your tooth enamel.

Should this prove to be the case, Dr. Donald Bohne might recommend administering a fluoride treatment. This can typically be done at the end of the appointment. If he thinks its warranted Dr. Donald Bohne might also include a prescription for daily use fluoride supplements.

They can come in the form of sublingual tabs, gels, concentrated fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash.

Ingestible types of fluoride supplements need to be taken as directed. If Dr. Donald Bohne prescribes concentrated fluoride toothpaste or mouthwash you should apply them your teeth or rinse your mouth right before going to bed.

It’s best to apply them to your teeth at a time when you can avoid eating or drinking anything for at least half an hour. This allows the fluoride to fully saturate the microscopic textures of your tooth enamel.

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