Fixing Bad Teeth with Dental Crowns

If you have unsightly teeth that have accidently been damaged or broken, help is on the way. With cutting-edge technology, the dental crowns offered by our team at Donald H Bohne DDS PA can give you the smile you deserve and put your mouth back on track for a lifetime of oral health, happiness, and beauty. If you are unsure about... read more »

The Best Teeth-Whitening Choices for Thanksgiving

With the smorgasbord of food that awaits you at the end of the month, it may be a good idea to look into teeth-whitening treatments. Although teeth-whitening systems will not have the effect brushing and flossing will have on your oral health, they are the best options for the brightest natural smiles. If you are planning on meeting with friends... read more »

A Fluoride Treatment Can Help Prevent Tooth Decay and Tooth Sensitivity

Throughout the course of an average day, the natural bacteria in your mouth and the acidic foods and beverages you consume can erode the mineral crystals in your tooth enamel. If it is not counteracted in some way, it will leave your teeth vulnerable to tooth decay and sensitivity. Exposing your teeth to fluoride helps restore the microscopic minerals in... read more »