Tartar Removal Takes a Professional Cleaning

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Dental calculus is the technical term for what is more commonly referred to as tartar, the crusty, yellow deposit that forms on the teeth when you neglect regular oral hygiene. It comes about when plaque builds up and hardens after being unaddressed for 48 hours or more. Once it occurs, there is no amount of brushing and flossing that you can do to remove it yourself. You’ll need to come into the dental office and receive a professional cleaning by one of our hygienists using special tools for the job.

The minerals in your saliva mix with plaque to form tartar, and wherever it occurs your teeth are at greater risk of decay and gum disease. This is because tartar’s rough texture makes it easier for more plaque and bacteria to adhere to the surface of teeth. At this point, only dental tools such as scrapers, scalers, and polishers can completely remove it. Our hygienist will get at the tartar above and below the gumline on front and back of the teeth. Then, using another tool and a slight abrasive, they will polish the surface of the tooth to make it more difficult for plaque to adhere again.

Taking tartar off your teeth is a process that can only be done in the dental chair, but once it is removed you can keep it away by a regular routine of brushing, flossing, rinsing with an anti-plaque mouthwash. Use products with the proper amounts of fluoride and be sure to come back in to see us every six months.

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