Tell Your Dentist About Any Dental Attrition Concerns

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As you grow older, it’s possible for minute changes to occur in the bones that make up the structure of your mouth. This is more likely to occur if you’ve struggled with chronic gum disease in the past, or you lost a tooth and chose not to have it restored in a reasonable amount of time.

As the problem progresses it can gradually cause the biting surface of one tooth to gradually wear on the surface of another tooth. In time this could start to erode the tooth enamel. In many of these cases, you might notice a change in the lingual texture of a tooth. This might also be accompanied by increased tooth sensitivity.

If you’ve noticed a problem like this, you need to let Dr. Donald Bohne know, during your next dental checkup. With early detection he can treat the problem to prevent potential problems with developing tooth decay or a severe dental fracture.

There are a few different options he might recommend, depending on the severity and size of the dental attrition. This could include a dental contouring to edit the shape of the tooth enamel, or using a clear plastic aligner to correct the relationship between your teeth.

If the tooth has been significantly affected he might need to install a dental filling or restore the tooth enamel with a dental crown.

If you are in the Tucker, Georgia, area and you suspect that dental attrition is starting to affect one of your teeth, you should call 770-939-6600 to seek treatment at Donald H Bohne DDS PA.