The Best Smiles are Built with Toothbrushing Techniques

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Optimum oral health consists of always making sure they are teeth are cleaned in your mouth effectively and safely with a tool designed for doing so. Not all brushes work in the same manner, and some are more effective than others. If you routinely suffer from muscle pain or joint weakness or you are getting older, you may want to switch to easier-to-operate brushing tools such as electric toothbrushes.

When the time comes to improve your tooth brushing techniques, always make sure you’re using products that are both safe and effective for use. Apart from looking for products that feature the ADA Seal of Acceptance, it is also important to speak with your dentist about product recommendations and suggestions. With your toothbrush, make sure you are using one that is non-abrasive along with non-abrasive toothpaste. This includes brushes with soft bristles.

When brushing your teeth, use small strokes and brush every section twice a day for at least two minutes. For additional help with your brushing techniques, turn your brush vertical to clean your front teeth. Furthermore, brush your tongue to remove any bacteria that may be present on it.

No matter which toothbrushing products you select, the real importance is the oral health benefits they can give. If you would like Dr. Donald Bohne and our team to bring you in for a comprehensive exam to determine which treatment is right for you, please schedule an appointment at our dentist office in Tucker, Georgia, by calling us at 770-939-6600.