Toothbrush Care 101

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Choosing the right toothbrush is a difficult decision with such a large variety of styles, sizes, shapes, and brands. Protecting your smile against plaque buildup and decay is already a fight, and adding the stress of finding the right dental care and taking care of your toothbrush shouldn’t be part of that struggle. Donald H Bohne DDS PA wants to help you find the dental care for you and your smile, so follow some of these tips when purchasing your next toothbrush:

– Brushes with soft bristles are recommended to best remove debris between teeth and plaque off tooth enamel. Different styles of bristles include rippled, flat, trimmed, or dome shape.

– Tapered or rectangular heads on brushes are great shapes to brush the teeth, especially when they’re small and can reach small corners of the mouth.

– Brushes with a non-slip grip and flexible neck for the handle are effective for a good grip and to better reach difficult angles of the teeth.

– Replace your toothbrush when it begins to show wear, especially in the bristles, or after 3 months have passed. If not replaced, worn bristles could damage your gums.

– If you’ve had a mouth infection or sore throat, or been sick with the flu or cold, get a new toothbrush. This will get rid of any leftover germs that could lead to another infection or getting sick again.

– After brushing your teeth, place your toothbrush in a spot where it can dry thoroughly.

– Traveling without a case on your toothbrush can flatten bristles and be susceptible to germs.

– Another alternative for a better cleaning tool are powered toothbrushes. Discuss with your dentist which option is best for your smile.

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