What You Should Know About Dental Care as a Caregiver for Older Adults

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Are you currently a caregiver for an older adult? If so, you are likely responsible for their dental health as well as their overall health. Whether this person has a mental impairment and forgets to clean their teeth and gums, or they are physically unable to perform this task, they are dependent on your service. If they are able to help themselves, it is a good idea to allow them to do what they can, but ultimately you want to ensure they receive the care they need.


Today we would like to share some tips for their oral care:


— Use a fluoride toothbrush and brush their teeth for two minutes, twice a day.


— Get rid of plaque and stuck food particles between teeth by finding a method that works.


— If this person wears dentures, make sure to rinse them well after meals. Dentures should be cleaned every day and stored in water overnight.


— Does this person have an oral condition known as ‘dry mouth’? You can help them by giving them water or ice chips to suck on (not chew) for hydration, and use a humidifier to remain more comfortable as they sleep.

— Provide healthy foods and drinks (such as water and milk) for them and limit access to snack and sugary drinks.


— Take them to see our dentist regularly to make sure their dental health stays in top condition. Their overall health is impacted by the health of their mouth.


— In between dental visits, keep an eye out for unusual oral conditions and seek help as needed.


We are happy to support your caregiving efforts. If you have questions or would like to schedule a visit, please call 770-939-6600 and our Donald H Bohne DDS PA team in Tucker, Georgia is happy to help. Our dentist, Dr. Donald Bohne looks forward to helping you maintain their dental health as long as possible!